Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ECOlunchbox – Healthy for People and Planet

Healthy for People and Planet

ECOlunchbox was born of the idea that change can begin at lunchtime. Eco-mom entrepreneur, Sandra Harris, founded ECOlunchbox at her kitchen table five years ago to bring plastic-free, waste-free and healthy lunchbox options to the marketplace. Since then, the company’s reusable lunch boxes and bags have helped families avert millions of pieces of trash from the landfill.

ECOlunchbox firmly believes that reducing dependence on plastics is a good way to safeguard our health – and the planet. Their stainless steel lunchboxes and artisan cotton lunchbags are tools for people seeking to green their lifestyles by thinking beyond plastic. Lunchtime is an ideal daily opportunity to shift habits. We can avoid foods pre-packaged in plastics instead opting for long-lasting, non-reactive and non-toxic food containers, to pack our healthy lunches.

ECOlunchbox offers an eco-friendly lunchware line in a variety of sizes to ensure a complete, plastic-free, lunch-time solution. Pack snacks in the purse-sized ECOlunchpod; a perfect replacement for disposable plastic baggies. The ruggedly durable, single-compartment Solo Rectangle packs enough food to satisfy any lunchtime craving. While the crowd-favored ECOlunchbox Three-in-One elegantly separates food into two layers. It even comes with its very own ECOlunchpod which can either be tucked into the top layer or used on its own. How versatile!

ECOlunchbox’s classically modern products are made from back-to-basics, traditional materials such as stainless steel and cotton that help make the change to sustainable, earth-friendly, and pocket-friendly lunch-time practices easy as packing your lunch.

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